About Us

Harbors Home Health and Hospice was founded in 1982 when the founding members realized the need for caring and knowledgeable support for patients who needed care within their homes. We began, and still are, the locally-based, not-for-profit home care organization focused on the health of the community.

In fact, many of our staff come from longtime Grays Harbor and Pacific County families, people who have been here for generations and know the joys and demands of Harbor life. Working as we do with the elderly population, we understand the life they have lived and their special needs.

Harbors Home Health and Hospice is unique in the state in that it offers maximum continuity as our patients’ needs change. Whether your loved one needs periodic home visits by a nurse during recovery, or the assistive help with one of our speech, occupational or physical therapists, we have the staff to meet their needs. And then, at such time that your loved one may become more seriously ill, members of our team of caring professionals can follow through and provide the comfort and support during their latter stages of life.

When you are considering in-home services for your relatives, you want an agency you can trust.Harbors Home Health and Hospice is the local, not-for-profit provider with deep roots in the community. We are honored to care for your loved ones.