Our Home Health Services in Grays Harbor County and Pacific County

Our top priority at Harbors Home Health and Hospice is to help your loved one stay at home for as long as is safely possible. We take a team approach, working together with you, your relative and your relative’s health care providers to develop a personalized plan of care.

The staff at Harbors Home Health and Hospice works as a team internally. We have many different specialists available, each uniquely trained to address your loved one’s specific care needs.

Our goal at Harbors Home Health and Hospice is to empower each patient and their family members to work together to bring about an optimal level of health.

Our Services include:

An initial assessment

We come to your loved one’s home and conduct an assessment of how things stand right now. We look at the strengths and weaknesses of the current situation. Then we make recommendations for care that we can provide to help your loved one become as strong, healthy and independent as possible. Typically this will involve a nurse or therapist coming to the home to teach you and your loved one new skills for coping with current medical conditions.

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Home visits by a nurse

Sometimes the difference between staying at home and having to go to a facility is as simple as periodic visits from a nurse. Our nurses teach and advise patients and family members. They also help by coordinating the treatment plan with other members of the health care team.

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Physical therapy at home

Our physical therapists can make home visits to help your loved one regain strength and the ability to function as independently as possible. Based upon a complete evaluation and recommendations from the doctor, our physical therapists develop a personalized and therapeutic rehabilitation program. We use a variety of treatment techniques so we can find the best approach to meet the individual needs and desires of our patients.

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Occupational therapy at home

Is your love one having difficulty eating, brushing their hair, dressing, or bathing? An Occupational Therapist can come to your home and provide training and teaching in these areas to make your love one independent.

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Speech therapy at home

If your relative has had a stroke or other condition that makes communication difficult, we can help. Our trained speech therapists provide corrective and rehabilitative treatment using a variety of techniques. They develop a personalized program designed to address problems and recommendations identified by the doctor and the initial assessment.

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Hospice care

There may come a time when treatments become too burdensome. The likelihood of a cure may no longer be worth the side effects of the therapies. If so, hospice is an excellent way to make sure that your loved one stays comfortable and pain free. Regular home visits by a nurse make sure that difficult symptoms are kept in check. A home health aide comes to assist with bathing and grooming. A social worker is available to help you and your loved one with emotional issues that may come up. There is also a chaplain to offer non-denominational spiritual support. With hospice, the emphasis is on comfort and quality of life. All of the services are paid for by Medicare, as are all of the medications and any necessary equipment. If you think you and your family would benefit from hospice, give us a call at (360) 532-5454.

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